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  1. Blue and white striped fancy poplin shirt button_down
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  2. Light blue fancy shirt with micro-patterning francese
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  3. Pink striped fancy shirt francese
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  4. Pink and white striped fancy shirt francese
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  5. Checkered purple fancy shirt francese
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  6. Fancy blue and brown checkered shirt button_down
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  7. Beige and light blue checked fancy shirt francese
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  8. Blue and red striped fancy shirt francese
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  9. Light blue and blue striped fancy shirt francese
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  10. Fancy brown checkered shirt francese
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  11. Blue striped fancy shirt francese
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  12. White fancy shirt with blue stripes francese
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  13. Blue and white striped fancy poplin shirt francese
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  14. White cotton fancy shirt with blue stripes francese
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  15. Camicia fancy quadrettata con righe sottili blu e azzurre francese francese
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  16. Camicia fancy azzurra con microfantasia quadrettata francese
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Patterned men's shirts

Patterned shirts are often men’s favourite choice for those who don't want to give up on style even for a casual look. But this garment is also very suitable for more refined mix and match combinations. In fact, to be elegant it is not always mandatory to wear solid-coloured shirts . On the contrary opt for shirts with patterns, provided they are properly combined, they often represent that extra touch to make your outfit more original than others.

These garments represent a nice way to give a touch of colour and to break the monotony.

Regardless of which pattern you prefer it is important to always choose quality products that allow you to bring out your good taste. Precisely for this reason Camicissima has created its own line of shirts, suitable for anyone who do not want to limit their look to classic white shirts .


Men's patterns

The patterns of our shirts are different and available in numerous variations depending on your physicality, the colours you prefer and - not least - according to your style.   and fancy shirts are just some of the alternatives that are presented to those who want to combine a sporty mood with the attention to detail that Camicissima reserves for each product characterised by quality embroidery and never excessive geometric patterns.


Chequered shirts

Traditionally designed and used for outdoor activities, plaid or chequered shirts have now become a trendy garment, to be used not only on informal occasions but also to make a more elegant look original.

The most classic combination for this pattern is with sweaters and cardigans, crew neck or v-neck, but you can also decide to wear a plaid shirt in a more casual way, unbuttoned over a white t-shirt.

For a more whimsical elegant style, however, you can decide to combine a slim fit plaid shirt and tie. Of course, in this case the choice of the tie must be more than accurate: the optimal choice is a subtle model, tone on tone with the shirt’s pattern, and combined with a solid colour jacket.


Striped shirts

Striped shirts are the other great classic among fancy shirts. This pattern is perfect for guaranteeing a formal but youthful appearance to the wearer.

Whether you prefer shirts with wide stripes or those with thin stripes, in both cases the final effect is that of a timeless style. The chromatic variable increases the possible combinations of this garment, capable of adapting to all circumstances, from the most formal to the less official ones.


Camicissima knows how much a shirt can make the wearer feel at ease and confident and, for this reason, has created a wide variety of products able to adapt to everyone's needs. Browsing the online catalogue, you can choose from numerous models, fits and colours and, receiving the items you want comfortably at home. The quality for which our shirts stand out emerges in every detail, from the elegance of the lines, to the resistance of the materials and finishing of the seams. Thanks to a specialised team, always looking for new, more customisable solutions, you can easily find the shirt you want.



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