Extra slim fit dress shirts

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Extra slim shirt

The men’s shirt is a versatile piece of clothing, capable of making you feel at ease even in times of greater workload and stress. Whether it’s solid colour, neutral tones or patterned , at Camicissima we offer variants suitable for every occasion, accompanying you on your busy days with quality products.


Extra slim fit shirt, what it means

The men’s extra slim fit shirts  are characterised by adherence to the body, adapting as if it were a second skin, giving it a modern and modelled cut on one’s own body.

It’s the perfect shirt type for the casual man who wants to wear it for an evening out with friends or on other informal occasions. Its cut adheres to the waist highlighting the lines, its armholes are tight and it has some pleats on the back. It is suitable for those with a slim physique.

Particularly suitable for stretch fabrics, it can also be worn with jeans; it is a tight-fitting garment but capable of leaving ample room for movement, to ensure maximum comfort, without sacrificing style.


How to recognize a quality extra slim fit shirt

At Camicissima we pay close attention to the quality of our shirts, focusing on the choice of excellent materials (100% cotton) and on details such as finishes, seams and details.

We offer a wide assortment for every occasion and to meet the needs of the ever-rushing businessman, we created no-iron shirts with special fabrics that can be worn quickly without having to iron them.

Our version of extra slim fit shirt is of excellent quality and easily recognisable because of the material, the details and its wearability. It is perfect for slim bodies to enhance their physicality, while leaving you free to move without hindrance.



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